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Youth Dreams

Youth Dreams Culinary Program

Thank you for your interest in the Stargazer's Youth Dreams Culinary Program! We are committed to providing culinary classes focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics better known as S.T.E.M. In addition to basic culinary skills and techniques during these 2-hour, multi-week sessions, students learn the nutritional value of foods, create recipes and prepare meals that are eaten at the end of class. After completion (must be mastery in various areas) of each level, scholars will become “Junior Chefs” for future classes and paid a stipend to help instruct new students. 

Why Culinary Arts?

Studies show exposing children to culinary activities at an early age helps develop math and science skills, teaches the importance of good nutrition, instills responsibility and provides a window into different cultures around the world. When children are allowed to explore culinary activities, it can lead to a career in culinary arts!

2024 Youth Dream Classes are Here!

Sticky Dough Hands

Basic Skills

Lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on classes exploring a wide variety of culinary concepts.


Focuses on balancing delicious cooking with clean eating. Participants will cook and enjoy a full meal each session. 


Affordable price for youth to learn culinary skills and nutrition while building confidence.

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