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Shared Kitchen

Stargazer Shared Kitchen Space

Stargazer Inc offers a "Shared facility" where there are no assigned spaces for renters/members. Our facility is approximately 2000 sqare feet. Members have 24-hour access, 7 days a week. We offer free WiFi, walk-in coolers, freezer, dry storage, multiple ovens, 10 burner stove, indoor smoker, griddle, open flame grill, mobile prep stations, table mixers, basic cake prep supplies, heating units, 3-tub sinks, etc. To avoid over-scheduling, facility availability is based upon reserved time/days that have been pre-selected by members and approved by Stargazer.


Our facility also offers a dining room space to be used for classes, service of private/social events, and even tastings. You can use part of your hours (per your contract) for the space or incur an additional fee. Any private or social events after 6:00pm cost $45/hour and require security or client may provide their own professional security company (must show proof).


Members are required to provide their own dry storage rack or purchase one from our facility (example will be provided during tour). Each member must clean and sanitize, sweep, and mop each area of usage daily, required by the Health Department. All necessary cleaning supplies are provided, but members will provide their own disposable dish towels for cleaning and sanitizing.

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Fee Overview

Fees listed are current and non-negotiable. We only accept debit or credit card payments. All payments are non-refundable once contracts are signed. All members must have a card on file for monthly payments.

Annual Fee:   

$150 for all members ($75 for 6 month contracts)

Monthly Fees (all inclusive-dry/refrigerated storage and basic equipment):

Mobile units start at $200 per month                                                  

All other business are $250 per month for up to 20 hours

Additional hours (over 20 hours) are $20 per hour

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Important Information

Before renting the shared kitchen space (unless this is a one-time event),  ALL members must be licensed by Marion County Public Health Department and send proof of licensing to Stargazer before a contract will be signed. 

Steps to getting a shared kitchen license with the Marion County Public Health Department:

1. Click the Marion County Public Health Department button below to get the Department of Food & Consumer Safety        

      4701 N Keystone Ave Ste #500

      Indianapolis, IN 46205


​ 2. Scroll to the "Licensing" column 

 3. Look for the "Shared Kitchen" list (Mobile units look for "Mobile Food Establishments")

 4. Select "Shared Kitchen User Application" (Mobile units select "Mobile Retail Food Unit Application"), complete the application submit to Dept of Food & Consumer Safety

 5. Email page 6  (page 3 for mobile units) of the application to Stargazer at

 6. Stargazer will complete page 6 (page 3 for mobile units) and email it back to you 

 7. Submit the completed application to the Dept of Food & Consumer Safety

 8. You will receive an email from the Dept of Food & Consumer Safety when your application has been approved

9. Email Stargazer to schedule a tour of the facility Tuesday - Thursday (by appointment only)

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