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Creating exceptional culinary experiences one bite at a time.

Behind The Brand

The Stargazer Story

Stargazer Inc. truly encompasses all things culinary from catering and classes, to everything in between. Established in 2015 by Chef Carol Lawson, she fused her love of cooking, passion for teaching, and belief in families eating healthy together. As the Executive Chef for Stargazer Inc., Chef Lawson believes food plays an essential role in family, community, and education. Our mission is simple - to create exceptional culinary experiences one bite at a time. Stargazer Inc. is far more than a catering company; we are an unforgettable and incredible experience.

Food Photography


Stargazer offers a wide array of services, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're interested in catering, equipment, shared kitchen space, a venue space, or more, we're here to deliver!

Salmon Tartare


Kitchen Interior

Shared Kitchen Rental

Food Workshop

Cooking Classes

Champagne Glasses

Equipment Rental

Preparing Lunch

Youth Programs

Wedding Table Set

Venue Rental

Community Connections

Stargazer Enterprise Community Connections is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping our youth, entrepreneurs, and community. Our goal is to provide a variety of programs that meet the diverse needs of our constituents, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Waiter Preparing

Upcoming Events

Chef Cecee and Stargazer Inc are fantastic! My daughter did the junior culinary class and it was awesome. She learned so much each week and the food was delicious - trust me! I highly recommend Chef Cecee and Stargazer!
- Jimmy Rayford
Healthy Salad

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