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PACKlite is a baby and toddler equipment company. We offer most everyday essentials for clients during travel in the Midwest or for temporary day to day needs. These are included but not limited to: Car seats for both infants and toddler, strollers (even double ones), infant tubs, high chairs, bassinets, toys, baby chairs, wagons, diapers (currently huggie only but all sizes), and much more.

All items are both cleaned and sanitized after each rental.
Our goal is to provide our clients with stress free travel when traveling with infants or toddlers. Provide clean and sanitary items to all families, and to provide amazing customer service whether there’s one item needed or more.

A percentage of our proceeds will go to our Sister company;Stargazer Inc for inner city youth culinary classes. This allows youth to learn basic to intermediate culinary skills, learn nutrition, STEM focus, have fun, provide food safety and overall life-skills.

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